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Stockyards Stampede is an annual family friendly event held in Historic Stockyards City!

This event, held for more than 20 years, is capitalizing on the rich history of the Oklahoma National Stockyards and the importance of Oklahoma’s agricultural and western heritage with fun and educational opportunities for both urban and rural families. The popular Chain Ranch Longhorns kick off the day with a promenade down Agnew. The event will be strategically placed from the auction barn at the Oklahoma National Stockyards throughout Stockyards City with the farthest events occurring at both ends of Agnew. Chuckwagons, blacksmiths, gunfighters, carriage rides, food trucks, and an enhanced children’s educational area with commodity trailers, tractors, straw mazes and games will all be highlighted in the district.

Thank you for supporting Stockyards City Main Street! Your contributions help support the programs and projects of Stockyards City Main Street, Inc. Proceeds from this event will help fund preservation efforts, economic development and special projects throughout the year.

OCTOBER 20, 2018  |  Stockyards City Main Street

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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